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Do you have an upcoming event and you know that you will need to rent some items to accommodate your guests? What do you do? You go to the internet, type what you are looking into google search bar and start your search.  The results can be overwhelming, there are many companies out there that provide the products you need for your event.  How do you decide which supplier will work best for your event?  To assist with that part of the event planning process we detailed 5 factors below to consider when choosing an event rental supplier.

1. Reputation and Reviews:  Make sure you research the companies you are prospecting and leverage online company reviews.   Notable company review sites to reference: Google PlacesYelpWedding WireThe KnotAngie’s List and many others.   You can always ask the companies you are prospecting for a customer referral list.  If you were to visit a company’s physical location look to see if they have handwritten notes from customers.

2. Service:  Partnering with a company that provides a high level of customer service is crucial to ensuring your event is a success. The company you choose should have a quick response time when answering emails and calls.  A reasonable response time is anywhere between 24 – 48hrs depending on the questions and timing.  Choose a company that provides detailed information including event layouts, location information, and product information.  Companies may perform a site visit at the event location to ensure proper event flow and make recommendations to enhance your event.

3.  Quality of Product: It’s important to ensure the products you will be renting are clean and reliable.  Double check the quality of the products you will be renting by viewing the virtual online store and going to the company’s warehouse location to view the products.  It’s also good to ask the company what type of procedures they have in place to ensure they provide clean, quality products.

4. Cost:   Cost is a very important factor for anyone’s event at any budget.  Work with your supplier to ensure you receive the best value for your event.  While cost is very important, please do not overlook other important factors when choosing the right supplier for your event.

5. Product Offerings:   Depending on your event, it may be better to move forward with the supplier who offers a wide range of product options. However, in some cases, it’s best to go with the company that has only the essentials that you need for your event that can often correlate to a lower cost per item(due to lower inventory and expenses).  This would depend entirely on your event needs. Working with the rental company to identify the products they offer is important. Oftentimes if the rental company doesn’t have an item you need for your event, they may partner with other companies in the industry to secure the additional items to enhance your event.

A Gogo Event Rentals offers a high level of customer service and a high-quality product, all at a competitive price point, providing you with great value for your event.  We have a number of reviews and customer references to support that, including testimonials from potential customers after their event, where they stated they regretted going with a different supplier due to cost and they should have chosen A Gogo.

Whether you choose A Gogo Event Rentals or another supplier please do your research and utilize the items listed above as guidelines to choose the perfect supplier for your event.  Either way, utilizing the 5 factors listed above will assist you with the decision making process.

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