You are engaged! Congratulations! But what is next? You are probably overwhelmed with Pinterest pins, magazines and all the advice from family and friends. So we thought we would share our most helpful tips for planning an amazing wedding, without pulling your hair out…

1. Don’t expect to plan it all in a weekend. Take your time and start with a few of the main aspects that you need to cross off early in the planning process such as your dress and the wedding/reception venue.

2. Ask for help! Your maid of honor, your mother or future mother in law would love for you to ask for their help. Even just simple tasks such as calling caterers for menu options to be emailed to you, or calling a local hotel to block rooms for your out of town guests, can be a big help! Not to mention one more thing off your list.

3. Make two days a week “No Wedding Planning ” days. Tell yourself that you won’t get on Pinterest, check wedding related emails or call vendors on those days.

4. Ask your current vendors for referrals. Is there a vendor that you feel you have developed a relationship with or that you feel has gotten to know you well? They would love to offer advice and connect you with vendors that they have worked with in the past. This can save a lot of time from google searching, reading reviews and viewing websites.

5. Buy a good organizing planner or download a great wedding organizing APP such as Wedding Happy to help keep you on track. Having everything in one place can help you feel unstressed.

6.Declutter! Once you have chosen a particular vendor, throw away all the information you have from other vendors. All those brochures and emails can stack up fast, so once you have found the perfect option, get rid of the rest!

7. Consider hiring a wedding planner. Wedding planners can be your saving grace and can take care of so many details for you, not to mention all of their amazing advice. Planners work with brides with all ranges of budgets, so don’t rule out using one even if you are on a tight budget. They are worth every penny!

8. Grab your bridesmaids and have a girls night in watching awesome wedding movies such as “Bridesmaids”, “The Wedding Planner” or “The Wedding Singer”. Nothing helps you destress more than a great laugh with friends!

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