Are you planning a wedding or an event and aren’t sure what linen sizes will fit on the tables for your event?   Knowing the style of your event and what the tables will be utilized for can assist in determining the linen size that works best for your table.

For guests tables with chairs, we typically recommend lap length linens due to the number of people moving in and out of the tables and the chairs that will be around the table. Others may recommend floor length linens.

For tables such as food table, head tables, cake tables, high top tables, gift tables we recommend floor length linens. Typically these tables have more focus and floor length linens provide a nice, clean look.

If you are providing your own tables and would like to rent linens to fit those table,  we recommend measuring your tables prior to ordering linens. Knowing the size of the tables will enable us to provide a more accurate linen recommendation.  The best way to measure your tables is to measure the length, width (or Diameter for round tables) of your table and then measure the distance the floor to the top of the table.   Once you have the measurements, you can add them together and we can recommend the right linen.

To assist you with identifying the appropriate linen for standard size tables, you can download our free table linen size chart.

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