Wedding Backdrop Drape

A Gogo Event Rentals’ offers wedding backdrop drape rentals in Cincinnati. Wedding Drapes are great for accentuating a wedding party table or covering walls in your venue that you don’t want to be seen, providing a clean look.  Drapes are also extremely popular for covering mobile restrooms for outdoor weddings.  

Adding upligting to your drapes is an elegant way of incorporating your wedding colors. 




Playing it Safe on Your Wedding Day

Table and Chair Rental Laurel Court Cincinnati

We all know how pricey things can get when it comes to your wedding day. There are many ways to cut cost so you can keep a little more money in your pocket. However if you are having an outdoor reception under a tent, be careful. There are three reasons why it is better to go with a rental company opposed to borrowing tables, chairs, or a tent from a friend: What are the 3 reasons?!

3 Keys to Dance Floor Rentals

Dance Floor Rental CincinnatiHow big of a Dance Floor do I need?
When preparing for a party or wedding adding a dance floor is an excellant touch to keep everyone entertained.  
Knowing how big of a dance floor is needed is important to ensure you have enough room for all of your guest to dance.  
We have developed 3 keys to Dance Floor Rental that are needed to make a decision on what size dance floor rental you need.
What do I need?!

8 Breathtaking Cincinnati Lakeside Wedding Ceremony Locations

Lakeside Ceremony Location Cincinnati


Whether you just got engaged or your wedding day is right around the corner, Congratulations! Now it’s time to cross off some very important items on your Wedding To-Do List.  In this posting we will detail out the 8 Breathtaking Lakeside Wedding Ceremony Locations in Cincinnati.  Not only do these venues have beautiful ceremony locations but they each offer a unique quality that makes each of them special.  In addition, these locations have great customers service and staff to assist you with your wedding day and the planning process!
Discover the 8 Breathtaking Cincinnati Lakeside Wedding Ceremony Locations

5 Awesome Competitive Beach and Party Games

Hello! While vacationing in Florida for my sisters wedding in November, I came across a few new, fun and unique competitive games that we were playing on the beach and in the ocean. Those games prompted a discussion of the fun and competitive games that we have played on the beach or at a party in the past.

Naturally, those games needed to be rated.

For this gaming list we are going to put aside the classics of Football, Volleyball, Frisbee and Wiffle Ball.
Click to see our top 5!

5 Tips to Choosing the Right Tent for your event

1) Know the Location of the tent: Will the tent be placed in grass or on Black/top or Concrete?

  • Frame tents are better on Concrete and/or tight spaces
  •  Pole Tents are better on flat grassy areas 
  • Click for 2-5

Welcome Back Spring


We here at A Gogo Event Rentals know that the official day of Spring for 2014 was on Thursday March 20th. But for us the real first day of Spring falls on April 10th.

Why April 10th you say?
Find out why